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Shots of Ecuador

Other projects

We're home after a great six months. The first draft of my book "Couch" is writ w/ 100k words! Thanks for your suggestions.

Movie...April 19, 2002

The Tapir Dance

Photos as of March 26, 2002

An Andes trek to the moonshiner's village of Patul

Photos as of March 4, 2002

Baños - we're going to be on tv...

The amazing Riobamba Market

The unsettling Riobamba Meat Market (adults only)

Ever been to a taxidermy museum? Don't miss this.


Ben's soon-to-be famous collection of ecuador signage & graffiti.

Photos as of February 2, 2002

photos of Cuenca - cathedral and market

Gualaceo and Chordeleg, outlying towns

Photos as of January, 2002

Playas, beach town

Montanitas, hippy beach town

The Andes

Shots from Cuenca

Our apartment

What happens on the stairs outside our apartment at night

Flash Cards
Learn spanish or make your own set.

book ideas and suggestions:

We both think we're writing here's where you put something you always wanted to read about in a book (how your uncle smokes cigars, that one mysterious toilet, the inequality of modern capitalism, strange plot twists, etc.) for those aspiring writers living in other countries. Your thought might just be famous someday...

New! You will now automatically receive a random sentence from one of our books (sent to your email if you've included it, or printed on the screen if not).




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